About Us

ROCO Netherlands BV is located in Montfoort. We have 24 tower crane operators in service, and also have an extensive network of tower crane operators and lifting supervisors affiliated companies. In Roco Netherlands are a total of 27 people are employed .

• We are available 24 hours a day !
• In case of illness nearly at all times a replacement!
• Quality, safety and efficiency in construction
• We give free toolboxes for tower crane operators and work with tower cranes

The tower crane operators are driven from office by the following persons :

  • Sjaak Blonk; Director
  • Leroy Blonk; Controller , planner , administration , project acquisition longer term.

The most efficient placement of staff on projects , especially hoisting tower crane operators and supervisors .

ROCO Netherlands BV was founded in 2000 and has started under the name ROCO Montfort. In early 2009, ROCO Montfoort VOF changed company name ROCO Netherlands BV